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Our promise

  • We promise to never compromise and never give up on our passion for service excellence, customer-happiness and people-care, as well as on our dedication to meet your needs and “be in your shoes” as a partner, while ensuring sustainable success of your business.
  • We promise to be there for you when you need us to smoothen your daily struggle to attract and retain talent, as well as to overcome internal and external scarcities and detect the blind spots of the organizational growth.
  • We promise to be confidential, discrete and honest at all times- as a partner, supplier, and a client- both as an organization and individuals.
  • As a client you can continuously rely on our holistic approach- a fine-tuned synergy of professional attitude, business acumen, market knowledge, passion, innovation- /effectiveness focus, personal dedication and genuine enthusiasm to master the way HR can make and impact on engaging people, igniting potential, overcoming inertia and generating motion.

And… yes, we do promise:

We will consult with you prior to each important step in the process of presenting you as client-company or applicant. As your partner we will always present you with the option to take control of how you want the experience to work with us, to look like and to choose between a YOU-directed or a LIFT-consulted approach.
We will partner with you to build a sustainable relationship and we will always try to get a full understanding of your business complexity or your individual aims and ambitions
We will offer you constructive, honest and market-driven advice whether that be on your bio, self-marketing/ career development plan, your company, employer brand or your vacancy
We will always provide you with “in time” feedback concerning the status of the project/ interview developments.

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