Lift HR Solutions – GDPR regulations

Giving your GDPR consent is voluntary. It allows us to perform our recruitment activities and is used for the sake of our services goals. This primarily includes providing recruitment & employment consultations in regards to the current labor market & active job opportunities. The main categories of personal data that we require include: first and last name, email address, CV and all the information it contains, as well as, any additional data that you decide to share with us.

Here is what happens when giving your consent the bright and smart team of Lift HR Solutions to operate with your data.

Lift HR Solutions Ltd. (UIK: 203816263) will store and process your personal data in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the General Data Protection Regulation. Therefore, we fully adopt the key definitions, listed in it - ‘Article 4 Definitions’ to our privacy policy. Hence, the term and definition for ‘controller’ refers to Lift HR Solutions Ltd. and the term ‘data subject’ refers to the candidate / prospect described below.

As administrator of your personal data, we would like to also share with you our details. Lift HR Solutions Ltd.’s registed office is on address Tsar Boris III 159, floor 10, 1618 Sofia, Bulgaria. Our Managing director is Christian Hirschmann and we can be reached on number +359 2 494 99 42 or by email -

✻ Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or uncertainties according to our GDPR terms and regulations!

Meanwhile, you are provided with full access to exercise your rights in regards to your personal data at any time, which include (but are not limed to):

However we do keep personal data private, by the rule of law, here are the institutions that, if legally requested, we shall give access to your information: NSSI, National Revenue Agency, Ministry of Interior, tax authorities, NHIF, and other high-level state authorities.

Talking about authorities, the lead data protection regulation supervisory authority in the state of our main establishment (the beautiful state of Bulgaria) is The Bulgarian data protection authority (DPA) is the Personal Data Protection Commission (In Bulgarian: Комисия за защита на личните данни). They can be reached on address 2 Professor Tsvetan Lazarov, Sofia 1592, Bulgaria or through email

The period for storing your personal data is 12 months starting from the day you submit / send it to us. After that period, we will either contact you for additional consent to keep your data, or delete it. This depend of in which categories of data subject you have chosen to be – candidate / prospect.

You are considered as a candidate if you have applied through our website for a particular job ad without checking the box ‘Would you like your application to be considered also for other positions similar to this one?’ OR if you have sent your application to any one from our team via LinkedIn or email as a response to a single job offer, without giving your explicit consent that you are open for other job suggestions as well.

You are considered as a prospect if you have used the ‘open application’ feature on our website - this is still not an active URL) OR if you have applied for a particular job ad on our website AND checked the ‘Would you like your application to be considered also for other positions similar to this one?’ check box. You will be considered as a prospect ALSO if you have send your application to any one from our team via LinkedIn or email as a response to a job offer, with giving your explicit wish to be considered for other similar roles as well.

Once you give GDPR consent, your personal data will be securely stored in the Lift HR Solutions databases for the respective above-mentioned period. It can only be presented to recipients or categories of recipients – companies, that can be considered as potential employers. They may be both in the Republic of Bulgaria and in countries of the European Union.